NI video marketing hacks: how to enable HD videos in Facebook

Hand holding mobile phone, using thumb to enable HD videos in Facebook
Raise the quality of your social media content by enabling HD videos in Facebook - with automatic uploading (tip: it works for photos, too).For example, if you or your business has shot some video, or employed a pro to shoot some. Naturally then, you want to share the video online, but when you upload it, the quality is poor.How come? And can it be fixed?The answer is yes. You just need to make some account changes to enable HD videos in Facebook and then you’re good.Here’s how to do it on your phone:Open the Facebook application on your phone and select ...

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7 video strategies to grow your small business or organisation

video strategies to grow your small business
Video advertising works. Why? Because short of actually touching a product or service, video shows it to a viewer in a way that is real and convincing.It’s proven to work: a report from the Vidyard blog revealed over 70% of marketers say video produces conversions better than any other type of content.Add to that the fact that a survey from the Animoto blog said that 73% of adults in the United States are more likely to actually buy a product after watching an online video about it.So, what’s the best way for small businesses and organisations to use video ...

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10 ways to turn your iPhone into a real video camera

Turn your iPhone into a real video camera
Everyone knows iPhones and other smartphones have good video capability. But most people don’t come even close to using them to their true potential.Here at SmartVideo, we love shooting video and do it with a range of devices: iPhones, DSLRs and professional video cameras.With the right knowledge, your humble iPhone can be transformed into a powerful tool for making video.This can range from near-broadcast quality standard to the kind of wacky viral video that’s eating up YouTube and Facebook.Broadcast standard? Yes. Did you know the UK’s BBC and ...

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