Charity Video Competition Terms & Conditions

SmartVideo are running a charity video competition via social media for three Northern Ireland charities to win a free promotional video for their cause.

The three charities chosen will have a charity video produced by our expert team here at SmartVideo which will include case stories, interviews and a final call to action urging people to do something like donate, volunteer or provide their details.

Click Here to receive an application form for the SmartVideo charity video competition

The selected charities will receive a day of video production and assistance with marketing the video online.


  • Winners of the three videos will be notified not later than July 15, 2017.
  • The videos will be shot and edited on dates to be agreed between July 25 and October 30, 2017.

The full prize is:

Video production:

  • The video will consist of the following:
  • Duration: 90-seconds approx.
  • Up to three case histories
  • Interviews with up to two charity representatives
  • B-roll, cutaways etc.
  • All filming for the charity video to be carried out on the same day and location
  • Addition of charity’s logo/graphics
  • Addition of royalty-free music

Video marketing:

  • Pre-shoot video audit
  • Post-edit compliance review
  • Embed code provided
  • Clickable call to action where appropriate
  • Email capture where appropriate
  • Special Facebook edit
  • Assistance with publication in NI media websites + leading social media and online sites

Click Here to receive an application form for the SmartVideo charity video competition

**Please note drone footage is not guaranteed and is completely weather dependent as well as reliant on availability of personnel, equipment, licensing & appropriate local conditions.**

Anyone can nominate a charity or voluntary organisation but to qualify the organisation must be registered as a charity with the Northern Ireland Charities Commission or HMRC.  A registration number will be required on the application form.

To download an application form CLICK HERE

By nominating, applying or entering this competition you are agreeing to be added to the SmartVideo mailing list.  You will have the option to remove yourself from this list on receipt of your welcome email. 

Company representative’s decision is final.

All entries will be verified with social media activity.

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