Videos to influence, inspire and engage your audience


Our videos are designed to raise levels of awareness of your product, brand, service or event. But more than that, they will engage and influence audiences as well. The power of video will bring your initiative to life and get it noticed and remembered.
If you are struggling to get heard above the din of a mountain of bland content? Then video marketing is the single most powerful weapon at your disposal.
Video skyrockets levels of awareness and engagement for a variety of reasons including:

  • Shareability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Newsworthiness
  • Relevance
  • Localness & community trust
  • Metrics and measurement
  • Calls to Action and Email Capture.

SmartVideo’s video production services are designed to get people’s attention and we can do this in a variety of ways:

Video news releases

Launching a new initiative, service or product? The days of banging out a press release with photo – then crossing your fingers and hoping for the best – are long gone.
You need to alert and engage your audience on a whole range of platforms and devices .

The way to do that is with a video news release (VNR) – which adds sound, vision, movement, motion graphics and much more to drive awareness of and engagement with your organisation.
Move past the old two-dimensional approach – SmartVideo will bring your launch to life.

And if it’s newsworthy enough, it will attract the attention of mainstream media too. We have lots of experience pitching videos to local newspapers and broadcasters.

Customer testimonials

Your customers are your single best advocates.
Social proof is important these days, so it’s a given that you need a decent website and social media strategy.

But social media followers can be faked – real life interviews with real customers are the best way to inspire and engage potential customers.
Why not get five or six of your most loyal customers and see if they will take part in a Customer Testimonial video? (A voucher might encourage them).

We will film them all on the same morning or afternoon – that keeps costs down, plus the craic will be mighty – lay on the cream buns!
You’ll have your video back within two working days for you to review and point out any changes you might like made.

Charity case histories

We know it’s tough out there right now for charities, with declining budgets and an endless stream of organisations all jostling for public attention.
But you have a secret weapon: real life stories.

Our charity case histories are guaranteed to bring to life the brilliant work you do.
We will work with you to create the best package possible, on time and within budget.

For example, you could feature three case studies of people your charity has helped. Allow them to tell their story – we will overlay music, photo/video.
Don’t forget your staff, too: they have fascinating insights.
Plus, with our video marketing tools we will help you create actionable and measureable initiatives like video strategy & audit, email capture and calls to action.

Product demos

All evidence shows that people who watch product demonstration videos are much more likely to make a product. The same applies to a service as well.
You know this from your own behaviour online – the simple act of getting to the stage where you will watch a product video means you are half way down the sales funnel.

Strangely, lots of businesses guide prospective customers half way down the funnel, and then fail to convert them into customers by neglecting the final stages.
We will help you convert by providing quality affordable product videos made for online. Made in our light-filled studio setting – it’s also portable – we can shoot multiple product videos at a single sitting, up to 20 a day.

This guarantees you value for money – as low as £15 per product – and a range of inventory for you to use for a whole year or more of online marketing.

Event videos

You go to great trouble and expense to organise your events – so why let them disappear into memory?
Our event videos are a brilliant way to preserve the event forever.

We make them short – usually around 90 seconds – because peoples’ attention tends to tail off after that.
But they are much more than just capturing glamorous or inspiring moments. Great event videos will:

  • Raise awareness and influence
  • Encourage engagement
  • Include a call to action
  • Capture email addresses
  • Help you with sponsorship for the next event.

That last point is critical – if you are pitching for sponsorship, what better way than to show a 90-second video of the event in question?

That’s just a summary of what SmartVideo does. We also make:

Staff training videos: why pay to continually engage the same trainer when you could record the session and repeat?

Facebook Live streaming: if you bring an influencer to town for an event, why not reach, engage a new audience with a Facebook Live stream. Capture their details and market to them afterwards

Many more:There isn’t space here to describe all the innovations possible with video. If you have any further ideas just us contact us.