Watch: 12 of the most emotionally-engaging UK & Irish Christmas adverts

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It almost seems that it’s becoming a bigger tradition every year – Christmas adverts, that is.

And this year the big stores and multiples aren’t letting Coronavirus stop them, with some stunning video marketing campaigns.

We have some marvellous Xmas ads – sensitive, engaging and beautifully made.

Here at SmartVideo, we’ve compiled a list of the best so far from across Northern Ireland, the Republic and the UK.

My personal favourites are a surprisingly emotional offering from Woodie’s DIY, a beautifully animated one from Lidl Northern Ireland (their irreverent UK one is great, too), TK Maxx’s little goat (pictured above) and a really tender approach from Supervalu Ireland.



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Woodie’s Christmas Advert 2020

Description: “If ever there was a Christmas to look out for one another, this is the one. So, we’re delighted to share our Christmas ad which tells the story of how a simple act of homemaking becomes a beautiful act of kindness from one neighbour to another.”


SuperValu Christmas Advert 2020

Description: “As the Christmas decorations are put up, a little boy keeps asking – Is he coming this year?”

Lidl Northern Ireland

Lidl Northern Ireland Christmas TV Ad 2020

Description: “This Christmas at Lidl, we’ve double-triple-quadruple checked everything in store to make sure you and your family have the Christmas you deserve… in fact, we’ve had some help with it!”

TK Maxx

The Lil’ Goat

Description: “After the year we’ve had, everyone deserves to feel special this season. And that includes everyone in our lives, even pet goats. Join our Lil’ Goat as she struts her fabulous fashion stuff in the snow, looked on adoringly by her proud parents, who bought her these wonderful gifts. How festive. Big Love at Small Prices – this Christmas at TK Maxx.”

Lidl UK

Big on a Christmas you can believe in (2020)

Description: “Could a friendship be ahead? No. It’s a Christmas ad for Lidl with great prices instead!
“The world is hushed and white with snow…”

Spar Northern Ireland

SPAR Northern Ireland Christmas Ad – #SPARkle

Description: “Check out our new SPAR NI Christmas Ad 2014! Tell us what you think using #SPARkle”


No Naughty List

Description: “After a year like this, we believe there is no naughty list. So go on Britain, treat yourself to the best Christmas ever.”


That’s an Asda Price Christmas

Description: “Watch Asda’s Christmas advert – our superfan Sunny is back to show everyone they can have the Christmas they need, at the prices they all want. He’s enlisted the help of his family – and a giant illuminated Pocket Tap.”


Christmas Launch Advert 2020

Description: “Kevin’s out in the cold. Will he get home in time for Christmas?”


Gravy Song | Sainsbury’s | Christmas 2020

Description: “Introducing Gravy Song, the first of our three Christmas ads. Now we can’t stop thinking about gravy. Or singing about gravy!”

John Lewis

Give a Little Love

Description: “We believe that the world would be a better place if we all gave a little more love. So this year we’re celebrating kindness, whether large or small, showing how each and every act of love has a positive impact on the world around us, as we pass them on to others.”


An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy

Description: “This year, the magic of Christmas is captured by two sister’s dreams of becoming master magicians, and after they circle a simple box of tricks, we witness a very special performance for their most adoring fans – their family.”


The Show Must Go On

Description: “This is the story of a young dancer whose spirit and tenacity triumphs through the challenges of 2020. All with a little help from her family and community.”