7 video strategies to grow your small business or organisation

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Video advertising works. Why? Because short of actually touching a product or service, video shows it to a viewer in a way that is real and convincing.

It’s proven to work: a report from the Vidyard blog revealed over 70% of marketers say video produces conversions better than any other type of content.

Add to that the fact that a survey from the Animoto blog said that 73% of adults in the United States are more likely to actually buy a product after watching an online video about it.

So, what’s the best way for small businesses and organisations to use video marketing?

Well, unsurprisingly, it’s to be local and personal. Tatty clip art, stock footage and foreign accents just smell of desperation.

To be relevant, you need to be about people and to be rooted in your community. People value and trust localness.

Use your staff or even your customers. If you need actors, hire local. SmartVideo has a list of voiceover maestros who speak in local accents – and who don’t cost the earth.

So, what sort of ways can we help small and medium size businesses to use video in a convincing and meaningful manner?

The answer to that question – absolutely loads. But in the meantime, here are seven tips to get you started:

  1. Video news releases. Use a VNR to announce your latest initiative, product or service. The days of banging out a press release and photo, crossing your fingers and hoping the media will use it are over.
  2. Product videos. You’ve spent time and money on products that are critical to your business. Don’t just rely on text and two-dimensional images to get the message across. Product videos actually show the product or service: how it operates, how it can make users’ lives easier, or save them time or money. People love them.
  3. Case histories. If you’re in a people business or organisation – and who isn’t in one way or another? – use case histories to bring your work to life. Real people and real lives: what better way to get a story across and to illustrate all the great work you do? In return, you’ll get more business, more attention and the great work or service you provide will get the recognition it deserves.
  4. Customer testimonials. Everyone knows their staff are their greatest asset, but many businesses and groups don’t really understand that their customers are their biggest fans. Why not get five of your best customers to participate in a video… and reward them with money-off vouchers?
  5. Event videos. Why organise great events only for them to fade into memory? Record the action and promote it to show the world your best face. Plus, use the video to find supporters and even sponsors for your next event.
  6. Smartphone videos. Whilst good production values are essential for most business videos, there are times when iPhone video will do. It’s cheap, fast and people are now used to seeing themselves getting videoed. But first make sure to avoid the pitfalls of ropey amateur video that might damage your brand by doing a training course. You’ll need the right kit, too.
  7. Make social media your best friend. Social media just adores video because it is so engaging and shareable. Get to know properly how Facebook, YouTube and Twitter videos work. Better still, hire someone to cheaply and expertly manage your social media video channels.

* Paul Connolly is managing director of SmartVideo, a NI-based video production and marketing company. www.smartvideo.media