Animated videos: quick, effective marketing for NI businesses

Sometimes your business or organisation needs a simple, direct approach to marketing – and animated videos created for businesses in Northern Ireland are the ideal solution.

Animated videos, sometimes called animated explainer videos or just explainer videos, are a highly effective form of digital marketing.

Here’s why we love them:

All the videos on this page were made by us, using local voice talent and local scriptwriters, and made for local clients.

Our video creation process is local, trusted and transparent

We love animated videos so much, we made the one at the top for ourselves to explain our process to clients. Our four-step process makes it easy:

  • 1 We listen to your needs and create your script
  • 2 You approve the script and we record it
  • 3 Our animators add images and music
  • 4 You review and approve the work.

Here’s how it works: you have a free consultation with SmartVideo, and we come back with a no-obligation quote. Once the script is created and approved, we’ll record the voiceover.

We’ll provide you with around four seconds of trial animation for approval; that way you know what you’re getting. Then the animators will create the video. You’ll have up to three opportunities to make small revisions, and we’re all set. You now have a powerful digital marketing tool at your disposal.

Do I own the copyright of the animated video?

The commissioner has unlimited rights in perpetuity to use the video for their promotional and marketing purposes. We also have an option for you to purchase the copyright of the video so that you own it yourself.

We can also provide platform-optimized versions of our videos (this means they display perfectly in the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Big social media platforms really like optimized content because it gives the user a better experience. And from your point of view, your content is maximised on the screen.  It’s best if we know about optimization before we start creating the video.

Talk to us about your videos

We’ll get right back to explore ideas for your brand or group