Covid-19 contactless filming protocols: keeping you (and us) safe

We’re filming on location once again. And it’s great to be back! This time with our Covid-19 contactless filming protocols.

To make sure everyone stays safe, we’ve implemented contactless Covid-19 filming protocols to complement Government guidance. This will make sure our clients and our employees are safe whilst filming great video across Northern Ireland and beyond.

We’ve taken a range of steps to ensure everyone stays safe whilst ensuring that your video is of the same high standard prior to Coronavirus.

Overview of our contactless procedures

If you’d like, we’ll happily share our you detailed SmartVideo Covid-19 contactless filming protocols with you.

However, for a general overview, these are some of the key steps we are taking:

  • Corona-icon-5-1.png Strategic planning. Filming outside where possible. For indoors, larger, well-ventilated rooms are preferred
  • Corona-icon-2.png All hands and equipment thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before and after use
  • Corona-icon-1.png Using a small crew to reduce the risk and possible spread of Covid-19
  • Corona-icon-3.png Use of gloves and masks where appropriate
  • Corona-icon-4.png Distance shooting, using equipment like boom mics where possible.

We’ve bought new equipment including boom poles, mic stands and shotgun mics to use where our preferred lapel radio mics aren’t suitable.

Where we do use the radio mics, these will be wiped down with sanitising liquid/wipe, and set on a table for you to pick up and put on yourself. When you take it off, set it on a table, and we’ll pick it up and wipe it down again.

All of these issues and more will be addressed in a pre-shoot Health & Safety review.

If filming on location is not suitable, we offer a range of other solutions that also abide by contactless principles. These including booking large studios, animation services, use of video archive or photographs, and 3D/360 virtual tours with our virtual division Smart3D.

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