Customer testimonial videos: your secret sales weapon

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Customer testimonial videos are the key to successful marketing. Anyone can make claims about themselves, but when a real customer is seen to verify your service, then that becomes convincing. Innovative Northern Ireland company Lumenstream is proud to be different, innovative and truly unique. Unlike other LED lighting companies, Lumenstream funds light installations for no upfront fee. What they get in return is a fraction of the savings their technology generates for your business. It’s a risk-free alternative to buying, and it reduces your carbon footprint whilst improving your bottom line.

The power of a customer testimonial video

SmartVideo makes customer testimonial videos for companies like Lumenstream that let the customer do the talking.  Belfast Indoor Bowls Club is one of the largest indoors spaces in Northern Ireland. In this video, the club explains how they worked with Lumenstream to transform the lighting in their arena.  The cash saved will help secure the future of this distinguished institution for years to come. 

How do I get a customer testimonial?

Easy – ask a satisfied customer. There are several types of customer testimonials. The simplest would be an online review on Google or elsewhere. Next, a written customer testimonial would be useful for your website and sales literature. Make sure to use the person’s full name, the name of their company or organisation, and a photo. There’s nothing worse than a quote from “John in London”. That just looks made up (some categories like law firms may have to do to this in sensitive areas). But the best of all are video testimonials. When you can see and hear the speaker the testimonial becomes very persuasive and personal. Customer testimonial videos are the most effective form of testimonials. 

Make sure it looks professional

There is obviously a great incentive for you or your marketing team to create customer testimonial videos. But bear in mind there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. The right way is to think long and hard and to get your video production company involved from the very start. They will guide you and ensure you end up with a professional video and not something that’s going to undermine your brand.
Did you know we also make animated explainer videos for businesses and groups? You can watch some examples here.