How restaurants can use video to maximise marketing and attract more customers

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Nowadays most people’s lives are lived at a fast, hectic pace – with the constant juggling of work and family commitments.

Time is an ever more precious commodity.

Generally, people have less and less opportunity at their disposal to search for and read text articles on line – whether in their work or leisure time.

That’s why a short, informative, well produced and creatively edited video should be an essential part of your restaurant’s marketing strategy.

Video content gives the viewer an instant feel for the key personnel in your catering business – whether it be an interview with the owner/manager, the head chef, waiters/waitresses, etc.

People get a much better overall impression of the person or people featured – whether in an interview setting or in a relevant work situation.

Video is incredibly flexible, and it’s not expensive any more. The types of videos you could consider to promote your restaurant include:

  • Recipes: show how to cook, don’t tell
  • Five ways: one ingredient, five ways to use it
  • Seasonal menus: e.g. the entire Christmas menu from starter to dessert
  • Interviews with suppliers, contractors – anyone who helps bring your product/organisation to life
  • About Us videos: have you a brilliant team? Tell the world
  • Video Testimonials: let your best customers become your advocates
  • Video news releases: got something new, don’t just put out a boring press release, do a video news release and give it life. Then post, or even promote, on social media

You should also not under-estimate the power of video content. For example, on YouTube alone there are currently over 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users – with the figures escalating rapidly each day.

After Google, it is the world’s second most used search engine – and with YouTube now owned by Google, video content is more vital than ever when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO).

Here’s some phenomenal statistics:

  • Around 90% of online marketing campaigns now use video;
  • An estimated 70% of people will visit your restaurant’s website after viewing a video.
  • On average a visitor to your website will stay on it two minutes longer if it includes video content
  • Video marketing tools like email capture, clickable calls to action and video cards are powerful ways to get your brand known and building a loyal customer base for marketing.

Video content can be of particular use to restaurants, especially when attracting potential new customers.

Anyone considering going out for a meal – especially when contemplating organising an event to mark a special occasion, will want to ensure it is an enjoyable event.

A video can give them a unique insight.

A brief on-camera interview with the chef as he works in the kitchen will afford them a fly-on-the wall view of the way meals are prepared and hopefully – though not scientific – a general impression of the cleanliness of the establishment.

Informal chats with the owner/proprietor will give him or her the chance to convey the ethos of their restaurant and the type of dining experience they offer.

More general video footage – interior and exterior – will give the viewer a much better feel for the venue in terms of its decor and ambience.

So if your restaurant has yet to feature video content, you should think about it straight away!


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