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Video Conferences: The Ultimate NI Guide To Looking Professional

From this to this: how to Zoom like a pro When you take part in video conferences on the likes of Zoom or Skype, how do you look?   Do you project a strong, crisp, confident image, or a face in shadow, with an up-the-nose camera angle, window glare and scratchy audio? You strive to be professional in every other aspect of your career, so don’t let your appearance in video conferences let you down. Especially not now, when you need to lead, impress, generate leads, close deals or even get that job. Technology and video can be quite tricky sometimes, but if you do it right, it will work wonders for your credibility and authority. I’ve seen ...

Zoom security: 10 tips to keep you safe in video conferences

Zoom is a great app - it allows people chat in large groups, share screens and lots more. But Zoom security has become an issue. Are you afraid your Zoom meetings could be insecure? Fear not, our tips will keep you right.