Teaser video marketing: a great way to get businesses noticed

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Are you looking for a great way to generate interest in a new product or service? Teaser video marketing is a great way to attract customers. 

The secret is not to show your whole product, but to show selected bits in a sexy, intriguing way.

SmartVideo worked with House Belfast and Harriot Communications to create a teaser video to generate interest in their stunning new bar at the premises in Botanic Avenue.

The team had poured heart and soul into the creation of a beautiful space. They had put together a great marketing strategy. And they needed a video to show it off.

The power of teaser video marketing

And the strategy worked; the House Belfast teaser video had tens of thousands of views on social media and helped generate massive interest for opening night.

Click on the image above and see for yourself.

In essence, a product teaser is a short video which showcases an upcoming product. The aim is to generate an air of excitement and anticipation.

You can change the timing of the teaser video depending on your marketing campaign.

For example, you could release it a day or two before, just like House Belfast.

Additionally, you can release your teaser days or weeks before with the intent of deliberately creating a rising sense of expectation. You can also chop your video up into small sections and tease them, one by one. Your video, your call.

Also known as product teasers, this type of video is highly effective for a whole range use cases, including technology products, food and drink products, new venues, hand-crafted products, and much more.

We have experience making a range of videos for clients across Northern Ireland. Get in touch for a free consultation.

Did you know we also make animated explainer videos for businesses and groups? You can watch some examples here.