Teaser videos, a new NI museum gem and a neat video marketing tool

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Weekly blog 23.01.17

Another week as 2018 starts slipping into high gear and video marketing plans hatched last year start to come to fruition.

Last week SmartVideo gained some new insights into the worlds of video marketing and video production in Northern Ireland.

Teaser trailers

Our teaser trailer for the exquisite House Belfast, the new hotel and bar complex on Botanic Avenue, received widespread praise and tens of thousands of video views.

Expertly shot by our director of photography, Paul McParland, this was a classic teaser trailer for what is simply a quality product.

What’s the secret of a good teaser? Well, in this case, it also chimes with a fundamental principle of video: show, don’t tell.

Under the expert guidance of the House people and the fantastic Rachael Harriott, the video shows the stunning quality of the design, d├ęcor, furnishings and ambience of this wonderful new venue, sister to the famous House Dublin.

Atmospheric lighting, subtle shadow, modern shooting techniques and just the right music all blend to tease the qualities of House. Just a few hints of people, a hand in shadow stirring a cocktail, for instance, lend more than a hint of mystery.

The overall effect is a classic example of the power of a teaser video to subtly promote, to draw in and to project the power of a product or brand without being in your face. Nice.

A gem of a new NI museum

Congratulations to the good folks at the Whitehead Railway Museum who have strained every sinew to transform the museum into a wonderful experience.

It’s only when we went there to shoot this promo video that we realised just what an amazing place this is, absolutely packed full of historical items and things to do. The kids loved it!

It’s not easy raising funds in the current climate, never mind then taking on the challenge of spending the money wisely to get a unique visitor experience.

The other great thing the museum adds is a joined-up experience from Belfast along the Antrim coast, leading to the north coast and on to Derry/Londonderry and Donegal.

So from Belfast, you have Carrick Castle and surrounding quarter, then Whitehead Railway Museum followed further up the coast by the amazing Gobbins, and then the lovely countryside around Larne (why the Sallagh Braes aren’t a bigger attraction we’ll never know).

From Larne, you’re into Glenarm Castle and on to the Glens themselves.

It’s a real shame that Game of Thrones location at Magheramorne quarry hasn’t been opened up. Tourists peering through locked gates is a travesty: keep up the campaign, Sammy Wilson!

New marketing tool

One of the best brand new marketing tools on the market is Vimeo Live. It is in essence professional live-streaming for events.

Facebook and YouTube and some other platforms offer similar services, but Vimeo has some extra features unique to it.

Say you have a brilliant speaker lined up for a business breakfast. Maybe the event is over-subscribed, or there are lots of people who can’t make it along (they might be employees in your organisation who are working, for instance).

The deal with Vimeo Live is that you broadcast (or rather narrowcast, I guess) the event and then archive it for future use. Simple: use pro videographers to ensure quality video, and then double or triple your audience online.

In our opinion, it’s not yet suited to day-long events. But it’s brilliant for shorter ones.

True, it does cost money, but in the overall cost of putting on events, it’s not that much. And what you do get includes:

1. Vimeo’s classy, ad-free player

2. Speedy support

3. Better stream reliability

4. Powerful privacy options (goodbye trolls!)

5. A tailored audience: e.g. business folk, not teenagers

6. Video tools like email capture to market to the audience

7. If you’re a professional performer, you can even sell your video afterwards.