The day artists Gilbert and George came to town

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Weekly blog 02.02.17. What we learned in the past week:

1. That Gilbert and George are, like, really cool.
Our videographer Will was more than impressed by the edgy artistic duo whilst filming them for the Arts Council NI at the MAC theatre.
So impressed, that is, that he even arranged his own selfie with them. Now that’s dedication.
Not that he was awe-struck or anything, he still managed to produce this slick film of the historic event.
Like many regional cities, Belfast doesn’t get enough international quality art, so hats off to the folks at The Mac for quite a coup!

2. That sometimes the seemingly impossible really is possible. For example, Amazon is pushing its Alexa product really rather cleverly using video marketing.
It’s a massive play into the home space even for a giant like Amazon; not least since it’s up against the likes of Google and Apple.
But how to you market an AI bot (at a time when online bots are being criticised for leading the fake news charge) which is also essentially a microphone (and something eavesdropping on what is said at your home is basically creepy.)
Simples – call it a speaker and give it a personality. Et voila, it’s a cuddly and indispensable bit of homeware you actually care about:

3. That the Titanic Foundation just gets awesomer and and awesomer (ok, more and more awesome!).
They just celebrated their tenth year with an anniversary event aboard historic SS Nomadic, the last White Star Line boat afloat anywhere in the world.
No chance of them resting on their laurels, however: instead they launched Titanic Quarter Destination Plan.
This project aims to grow the waterfront further in the future with projects like a Maritime Mile, restoration of Thompson’s Dry Dock and three ‘wee’ steam cranes that worked along the tracks in the shipyard’s heyday.
The folks at the TF are always a pleasure to work with and we wish their great new development plan every success.