Video marketing strategy: how to get a return on your investment

Are you not seeing enough of a return on your video marketing investment? Do you want even more engagement than you’re currently achieving?  Video strategy is important – it’s what makes the difference between having a good business video and using that video effectively. Having produced over 600 videos, we know that very well.

A good marketing video is a video that solves a problem. Sure, you can just bring in a one-man-band, jobbing videographer and he’ll push the buttons and do what you say. But the lack of strategy or planning will surely let you down. When you’re on location, problems can arise that are not solvable. You may not get a result that equals your return on investment.

Successful video marketing strategy involves the video creator from the start

The secret is, firstly, to get your video production company involved from the start. And secondly, to have a great video script. It’s really important to have a script, or at least a storyboard, before filming day.

SmartVideo’s video production experts will work with you to understand what type of video content is best for your brand, business or organisation. We’ll give you free planning tools like strategy planners and checklists to make sure you get the result you want.

And we’ll advise you on structure, location, tech specs and (discreetly) whether the people you want to use are right for the job.

The secret to great video marketing is in the planning and strategy

Good marketing videos exist to solve a problem. Our approach starts off from a simple proposition: what action do you want the viewer to take once the video stops playing? That alone defines the video.

To be effective, video should drive actions – and we make all our videos with your final call to action to mind. The best business videos are driven by three parts: strategy or planning, production and marketing.

Case study: Hearing Link

Hearing Link is a fantastic charity for people coping with hearing loss. We worked with Hearing Link in Northern Ireland to produce a video that showcases how Hearing Link works to transform the lives of its service users in a very tangible way.

From the interviews recorded from this video, we are creating individual case histories that the charity can use on its website and social media.