Our video marketing tools and templates will help you find the right audiences

Use our free templates and tools to get your video strategy right

We love both video production and video marketing. The mix of both disciplines is the reason why we make videos.
Because there’s no point in having a lovely video if hardly anyone can watch it.

Video marketing is both an art and a science. And to do it best, it should start at the beginning of the process, not bolted on at the end.
We can help draw up plans to conceive, market and deliver your video because a video should exist for a specific purpose. Otherwise, it’s just a collection of moving pictures. Pretty, but not cost-effective.

Video strategy

To get heard through the wall of noise, you need an effective video that connects with people.

The power of video is compelling, but video is also tricky to get right. What is your video value proposition? What type of video will best deliver this proposition?
We provide customers with the following for free to plan and progress your campaign:

Our advice, and these tools, will help ensure that not only will you get a professional video, but that each video is pitched correctly for its objectives.

Video marketing strategy

How do you make sure your video gets to the right audience, connecting with the right people?
You can have the most brilliant and best-planned video in history but you also need the right audiences to see and engage with it.

Properly planned, the success of your video will be apparent, partly in measurable quantities, and partly in less-measurable ones. The latter include brand awareness, visibility and, importantly, influence.

The former includes total video views, shares, responses, conversions etc. For example, email data capture or clicks on call to action buttons on websites and specially designed landing pages.

Man sitting in studio with green screen and lights

Video marketing strategy

It’s true that almost anyone can set up their own YouTube channel. But did you know that YouTube is in fact a highly complex piece of software that is incredibly powerful in the hands of a pro?
The same is true of Facebook, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Instagram and the other digital platforms.
We can add captions, conduct targeted campaigns, insert appropriate metadata and keywords

As pro users, we know the difference between all platforms, their strengths and weaknesses and which to associate with your brand.
We will also supply you with embed codes to display your videos on websites and we can do special edits for each platform – e.g. with captions for videos that auto-play silently in Facebook feeds.
And we’ll customers who generate significant audiences with sophisticated metrics to enable you to accurately measure viewership, influence and engagement.